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Monthly contributions are the backbone of support for the children. Donations provide shelter, food, medical care and education.

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Donation Requests


Due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold our annual fundraising events, like our in-person 5k fundraiser. Through the generosity of our supporters, we are able to raise a significant amount of donations at these events. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate virtual donations in lieu of the giving that typically takes place at these events. You can donate  online or by sending a check made out to Victoria’s Children Foundation at PO Box 526, West Liberty, OH 43357. Thank you so much for your continued support!


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Meet Our kids!

VCF-Rachel (2)

Meet Rachel! Rachel is 15 years old. Rachel came to VCF from Muranga County, Kenya. She is an orphan and was among the first children to join VCF in 2015. When she joined VCF, Rachel was a quiet girl but has since become a member of the Kenyan Girl Scouts, and has blossomed to become the school head girl (similar to class president). As one of the older children at VCF, the other children look to her as a leader. One of her responsibilities at VCF is to grow a mango tree, which she tends to daily. Rachel will be entering high school soon and plans to attend a boarding school, which will cost an additional $1,500 per year.

Current Project

Dining Hall

Dining Hall and Community Center.  This dinning hall will be able to hold all of our children and also be able to be used by the community as a gathering spot.

This will help us spread the the word of God.  They will also help the children become part of a larger community.